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Please feel free to browse this site for information on our currently available freeware games Battlelords and Vyrox as well as updates on the development of Battlelords' successor Attacktics.

Here are the news:

05. Sep 2004: Vyrox 1.4 released!
After a long wait, the new Vyrox version 1.4 finally went life tonite. The new release comes with an updated standard level-set and the reactivation of the highscores on the server. Please download here and play away!

22. May 2004: Vyrox Site Relaunched!
With many appologies for the long delay, Vyrox is now getting a work over and will be rereleased in a new Version soon. In the meantime, we have cleaned up the Vyrox homepage and reactivated the Linux Version of the Game! So please check the Vyrox Main Page for details and bear with us for further updates!

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