Brief History and Mission Statement

The Horizont Entertaiment label publishes free- and shareware games at convenient filesizes suitable for direct distribution over the internet, allowing easy download and installation, upgrade or extension of its games.
Although it had not been incorporated before early August 2000, Horizont Entertainment had been around for almost 7 years before that act, its original founding dated on 12th december 1993. Up to then and ever since, computer programming and game designing has always been a fascinating hobby to us, opening the infinite possibilities of creating our own worlds for others to explore and experience. Being raised in the famed C64 age and living up to the legend of the computer kids of the 80s, keyboards, joysticks, the Amiga / Atari age mice and a healthy greed for gameplay have always been our companions. The Horizont Entertainment label is the dedicated attempt to make that experience and fascination into more than a hobby. Fully aware of the lack of resources and manpower our young studio yet suffers from, we had to strive for gameplay rather than eyecandy and develop our skills along the way. Fortunately, we have met dear and dearest friends, that have helped us with their expertise wherever we just couldn't cope on our own. Since our founding days these people have aided and still aid to our cause. Therefore we owe them more than a big THANK YOU! Front and top row on that list of course includes all you thousands of fans of free- and shareware entertainment, that play and enjoy our games!!

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